Inter-School Chess Competition

Mar 1st 2023

Boaz Blofeld, aged 13, managed to retain his champions title on Saturday 25th February. The first competition was held in January at Gordon’s. Overall 14 Woking High School students entered the competition, after joining the weekly Chess Club held at their school, breaking down into three teams of five students. The winning team consisted of Boaz Blofeld, Oscar Williamson, Thomas Petterson, Tanish Chorey and Akhil Suresh Babu, ranging from Year 8 to Year 11.

The winning team said “It was a very close competition between Woking High School, Gordon’s and Camberley Juniors. By the final round, the WHS Team A started off half a point behind and the results were dependent on the final round against Camberley Juniors Chess Club. Thomas had to win his game for a WHS victory. It was very close right up until the end but team A prevailed by half a point!” They added they thoroughly enjoyed the competitive spirit and were looking forward to the next Jamboree in March.

Overall, 29 students participated from three different schools, including some Year 6 students. 
Mrs Walter, Headteacher, said “I am so pleased that the students have had this fabulous opportunity to compete across schools and age groups; I am very proud of them and their excellent result. Being part of the Arete Partnership allows our students to challenge themselves and test their knowledge and skills in a range of different disciplines against other students, but also to connect with new people. They are understandably looking forward to the next battle of wit and strategy!”