Off Site Visits

For many students, off site visits can be amongst the most exciting experiences of their school days, bringing ‘magic moments and memories for life'.

Educational activities that take place off site are of immeasurable benefit to students giving them the opportunity to experience different environments and cultures. The school recognises off site visits encourage students to learn in fresh and innovative ways and contribute immensely to their academic progress, investigative skills, independence and self-esteem.

The school is very proud of the wide range of off-site activities available to all Year Groups. All subject areas have a programme of visits that enhances the curriculum and brings learning alive. The school organises over 100 visits each academic year creating a rich and diverse curriculum. Visits to Woking Lightbox, museums and theatres, to camping in Brockenhurst, water sports in Newquay along with many overseas destinations such as the World War One Tour in Belgium, Wind band Tour to Europe, and ‘life changing’ Zambia Tour provide a wide range of opportunities.

All off site visits are organised by our Educational Visits Co-ordinator, who ensures visits are well planned and affordable, as well as ensuring visits fulfil health and safety requirements. The member of staff taking the student off site is the party leader and it is their responsibility to make sure the visit has significant educational value. The Headteacher approves all off site visits and is responsible for all aspects, ensuring appropriate policy and procedures are in place to give students the best possible experience in the safest possible way.

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