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Behaviour and Attitudes

Good behaviour at Woking High School is central to a good education and will allow the Mission Statement to be achieved. Good behaviour provides a calm, safe and supportive environment where children want to attend and where they can learn and thrive. Being taught how to behave well and appropriately within the context they are in is vital for all students to succeed personally.

Behaviour at Woking High School is excellent and students can learn and feel safe. However, we continually review our practices to maintain high standards of behaviour. If behaviour is poor, students can suffer from issues as diverse as lost learning time, child-on-child abuse, anxiety, bullying, violence, and distress. It can cause some children to stay away from school, missing vital learning time.

Staff continue to collectively embody the school culture, upholding the school’s behaviour policy at all times and responding to misbehaviour consistently and fairly.

Positive behaviours are seen as staff proactively support students to behave appropriately. We ask all staff to teach explicitly what good behaviour looks like. Some students will need additional support to reach the expected standard of behaviour. When students do misbehave, staff respond promptly, predictably and with confidence to maintain a calm, safe learning environment, and then consider how such behaviour can be prevented from recurring.

Throughout all our interactions we have high expectations for all students. All staff are responsible for setting the tone and context for positive behaviour throughout the school.

Our staff:

Create and maintain an environment that teaches and expects students to take personal responsibility;

Create and maintain a stimulating environment that encourages students to be engaged with their learning;

Develop a positive relationship with students, which includes:

-Greeting students in the morning/at the start of lessons;
-Establishing clear routines;
-Communicating expectations of behaviour;
-Rewarding and promoting good behaviour;
-Starting the next day afresh.

Our behaviour curriculum

At Woking High School, we have introduced a Behaviour Curriculum which teaches behaviours that we believe will make students successful in school, in the work place and in developing and maintaining positive relationships throughout their lives.

Woking High School’s behaviour curriculum defines the expected behaviours in school, rather than only a list of prohibited behaviours. It is centred on what successful behaviour looks like and defines it clearly for all stakeholders. The behaviour curriculum represents the key habits and routines required in the school.

If a student embraces our behaviour curriculum they will have all the necessary attributes needed to successfully access the wider world, become independent, informed thinkers, and well-rounded citizens.

Positive behaviour reflects the values of Woking High School, readiness to learn and respect for others. It is established through creating an environment where good conduct is more likely and poor conduct less likely. This behaviour will be taught to all students, so that they understand what behaviour is expected and encouraged and what is prohibited. Positive reinforcement will be given when expectations are met, while sanctions will be issued where rules are broken. Positive reinforcement and sanctions are both important and necessary to support the whole-school culture.

Routines will be used to teach and reinforce the behaviours expected of all students. Repeated practices promote the values of the school, positive behavioural norms, and certainty on the consequences of unacceptable behaviour. Any aspect of behaviour expected from students will be made into a commonly understood routine, for example, entering a classroom or clearing tables at lunchtime. All routines will be simple for everyone to understand and follow.

Adjustments will be made to routines for students with additional needs, where appropriate and reasonable, to ensure all students can meet behavioural expectations. These adjustments may be temporary. Adjustments will be made proactively and by design where possible.

All staff implement the Behaviour Policy and systems consistently and equitably, in order to create a predictable environment in which students know what the consequences of their actions will be. If you are unsure or would like to discuss any of the guidance please contact the Assistant Headteacher for Behaviour.

Online Behaviour Recording System

ClassCharts is Woking High School’s online behaviour recording system. ClassCharts stores information about incidents of positive and negative behaviour. Achievement Points, Behaviour Points and Detentions are all recorded on ClassCharts. Staff, parents/carers and students are expected to regularly access Class Charts so they can receive notifications and track and monitor student behaviour.

Class charts

100%ers - Overview

The 100%ers bring together the expectations we uphold as a school and the behaviours we believe our students can always achieve. The 100%ers are the things we believe our students are capable of achieving 100% of the time. For example, always wearing the correct uniform, being punctual to school in the morning and to every lesson, always having the correct equipment and working hard in lessons. We are determined to work with staff, parents and students in breaking down any barriers to support students who struggle to achieve all 100%ers.

Central to this belief is the importance of developing personal responsibility. The expectations related to uniform, punctuality, and equipment has been brought together in the 100%ers, which is designed to help students remember what is expected, understand why they are important and support them in achieving excellent behaviours. The 100%ers has been shared with students over a series of assemblies, tutor time sessions, notifications on Class Charts and are displayed on posters around the school and in every classroom. The 100%ers focus on four key areas: uniform, equipment, punctuality and focus in lessons.

100%ers - Uniform

Our uniform is important. It fosters the appreciation that we are all one community; it ensures everyone is equal and, when worn correctly, shows pride. We ask all students to check they are wearing the correct uniform before they enter the school site and to speak to their Head of Year before registration if they have any concerns. Full details of the Uniform Policy can be found on the school website.

100%ers - Punctuality

We want all students to be on time to every lesson so they do not miss any of their learning in class. Being late results in students missing instructions or teacher input that will put them at a disadvantage. This could affect their performance in that lesson which will mean they may not make as much progress in their learning. Being late may also cause a disruption to others’ learning.

100%ers - Equipment

In order that students can be successful in their education, it is vital that they take personal responsibility for being prepared for each of their lessons. When students are prepared and organised, they can take full part in lessons and no time is wasted because they have everything that they need to hand. It allows everyone to focus on teaching and learning.

A full list of equipment includes: black biro pen, pencil, ruler, eraser, sharpener, calculator, highlighter pens and a protractor. 


100%ers - Focus in Lessons

We continue to work with students on remaining focused in lessons and working hard. We are always impressed when visiting classrooms, that students are engaged and focussed on their learning. We know that when students are focussed, they are able to rapidly progress and produce outstanding work.