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Core Values

At Woking High School we provide an excellent education for all of our students that is designed to build character, encompassing our core values of Inclusion, Personal Responsibility, Engagement, Excellence, Resilience and Kindness.

We ensure that these values are central to all of our decision making and that they run through our curriculum, policies, recruitment and all of our interactions with our students and the community. We expect all of our staff to exhibit them at all times and we encourage all of our students and their families to work within these values.

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Personal Responsibility

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•Taking responsibility for our own actions and the way we behave.
•Accepting the consequences of our actions and moving forward with a positive mindset.
•Our choices shape our futures, even when life is tough.


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•Attending school every day to take advantage of every opportunity.
•Actively participating in learning.
•Giving back to the school community.


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•Determination to never to give up, regardless of setbacks.
•Focussing on solutions when facing a problem. 
•Looking at struggles and challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. 


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•Aspiring to be better than we are right now. 
•Achieving excellence through hard work and always giving 100%.
•Success is a journey; failure is part of learning and should not be feared.


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•Being friendly, considerate and generous in all we do. 
•Politeness to others and small acts of kindness make a big difference. 
•No acceptance of unkind behaviours – challenge it, report it, change it. Together.


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•Recognising and celebrating diversity. 
•Tolerating, understanding and accepting others regardless of their differences and views. 
•The success of every individual matters.