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Cooperation and Innovation

The Arete partnership was established with Gordon’s School, Surrey in June 2015 and Robert May’s School in 2022, reflecting a School developmental aim of improving collaboration and contribution between Woking High School and other schools.

The word ‘Arete’ was originally bound up with the Classical notion of the fulfilment of purpose, the act of living up to one's full potential.

The schools within the partnership are committed to providing opportunities for our staff and students to discover and develop their talents and interests to the highest standard possible, to lead healthy lives and to make a positive difference to the lives of others. Such people are more likely to enjoy well-being and lead happier lives.

The partnership schools work together in the spirit of collaboration and innovation to:

-Improve pedagogy and practice;

-Provide high-quality nationally endorsed and bespoke educational training and enterprise. This is available within the partnerships and beyond, for staff and students;

-Create opportunities for students to work and compete together.

In all that we do, there is a shared belief that how we act is as important as what we achieve. Character matters. We expect staff and students to behave with courtesy, diligence, enthusiasm, resilience and have the integrity to uphold fundamental British Values, every day.

Arete Partnership