Standards of Dress

The school reserves the right to take appropriate action if a student attends school wearing alternatives to the prescribed school uniform, as set out in this policy. The following guidelines are given:

• Shirts and blouses must be worn tucked into trousers and skirts.

• All girls must wear a Woking High School skirt (purchased from G&S by Valentino Ltd) or trousers. No other skirts are allowed. Skirt length must be to the knee; skirts must not be rolled up to create a shorter skirt.

• Denim and corduroy clothing are not acceptable; no hooded/non-hooded fleeces, sweatshirts or branded tops are to be worn.

• School ties must be worn correctly i.e. fastened to the top button of the shirt and falling to waist level. The badge motif should show clearly beneath the knot.

• No jewellery to be worn apart from a watch or one pair of small stud ear rings (worn in each lower lobe); no other body jewellery or piercings are acceptable. All jewellery must be removed during Physical Education.

• Trainers must be worn only for appropriate activities, e.g. P.E.

• If hijabs are worn, please ensure that they are plain and in either black/navy/white or pale blue.

• If boots are worn to school, they must be changed for indoor wear on arrival.

• Outdoor coats must be removed when entering the school buildings and must not be worn during registration, lessons or in the school restaurant. Students may wear coats outside during break and lunchtimes.

• Logos, motifs, patterns on any item of clothing are not acceptable.

• Students in Years 7 to 9 are not permitted to wear make-up. Only Year 10 and 11 students are permitted to wear discreet make-up.*

• Extreme hairstyles are not acceptable. *¹

• Nail varnish and acrylic/false nails must not be worn.

* Tanning products and false eyelashes/eyelash extensions are not permitted for any student.

*¹ Hair colours must be natural and haircuts should be no shorter than a grade 2, with no razor or tram lines. Long hair must be tied back during practical subjects with plain colour hair accessories to match the school uniform. Hair jewellery is not permitted.

Please consult the school if you are uncertain whether a particular style/colour adheres to our school policy.

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