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    Team Members

    • Mr. N Turner - Head of Music, SIL, Data Manager
    • Miss N Aghajanian - Teacher of Music and Media

    Vision Statement

    The aim of Music is to provide all students with a wide range of musical experiences, skills and knowledge in both curricular and extra-curricular activities. All students are encouraged to get involved in Music regardless of their ability, background or talent.  There are many opportunities available for everyone at all stages of their musical development.

    An appreciation and understanding of all Arts subjects is a vital quality for any person who wants to be considered a well-rounded individual.  Through Music, students are encouraged to develop a passion for the subject in one or more areas and to build patience and resilience when working on something new or a longer term goal that requires a number of steps to be taken e.g. practicing a piece of music for performance.  Students are often required to work as a team and are always asked to respect the opinions, views and musical performances of others, all of which are important skills that are required in everyday life outside of music.

    Students who are musically able and talented flourish at WHS via the range of extra-curricular activities and ensembles that are on offer as well as the high quality teaching and learning opportunities in KS3 and GCSE Music lessons.  But there also are opportunities for all students to develop the qualities that Woking High School looks to instil in them whilst working in the subject area of Music, and these include:

    Respect – listening to the work of others and commenting sensibly on areas of success and areas for improvement, regardless of musical ability.

    Integrity – Being honest but respectful when giving opinions about music, especially when it has been created by fellow students

    Resilience – Not giving up when faced with a new challenge such as learning a new musical skill or learning to play a new piece of music.

    Courtesy – Being polite at all times when talking to others in the Music department, whether they are staff or students

    Responsibility – Taking charge of their own progress when working independently of the teacher, particularly in extended practical lessons.

    Enthusiasm – Students are encouraged to enjoy their music making and to take pleasure in experiencing all (or just some) of the areas of the subject that are available to them.

    Celebration of success (achievements)

    • Summer 2021 GCSE results:
      71% (9-4) 64% (9-7)
    • The school Wind Band are excellent ambassadors for the school and regularly perform at events in school and for the local community.
    • A number of our students who take part in instrument and vocal lessons achieve very highly in graded ABRSM and Trinity examinations.

    Range of Opportunities

    Students in Years 7 and 8 receive two lessons every ten day cycle, and are taught in mixed ability tutor groups.  Year 9 students are given the option to select two out of four available Arts subjects.  They then receive two lessons in each subject per cycle. Students in Years 10 and 11 can opt to take the Edexcel GCSE in Music.

    The department runs an active enrichment programme (see below) for students to become involved with.  Students are welcome to use free rooms before, during and after the school day to practice on their own or as part of an ensemble.


    There are two Music rooms - one used for whole class lessons and the other used for both classes and band practices. There are also two smaller practice rooms, used by our peripatetic teachers for instrumental and vocal lessons.

    In addition to traditional classroom tuned and untuned percussion instruments, the department is also equipped with over thirty keyboards, 15 music computers, 2 drum kits and various recording and P.A. equipment.

    Knowledge organisers
  • Year 7

    • The Elements of Music
    • Chinese Music
    • Rhythm and Pitch
    • Instruments of the Orchestra
    • Keyboard Skills

    Year 8

    • Chords and melody Writing
    • Blues & Jazz
    • Arranging music
    • Protest songs

    Year 9

    • Pop music
    • Music for stage and screen
    • Music From Around The World
    • Final Composition & Performance Project

    KS3 Homework:                                                                                                

    Students are set one homework every ten day cycle. These tasks may require handwritten work, computer based research, revision activities or listening exercises.


  • GCSE Exam board - Edexcel GCSE (9-1) in Music (1MU0)
    Students submit four pieces of coursework at the end of year 11 – two musical performances and two compositions. They also study 8 set pieces of music for a listening exam which is based around four areas of musical study:

    • Instrumental Music 1700 - 1820
    • Vocal Music
    • Music for Stage and Screen
    • Fusions

    KS4 Homework:
    Students are set written and computer based homework tasks as an extension of the work currently in progress during lessons. They are also set revision tasks and are tested frequently on this throughout the course. It is also expected that students are able to practice and develop their instrumental or vocal skills outside of normal lesson times. If this is not possible at home then students must make arrangements to use the facilities in the Music department either before or after the school day, or at break and lunch times.

  • Enrichment programme

    Musical opportunities that the department offer include:

    • School Orchestra
    • School Choir
    • Chamber Choir
    • Guitar Ensemble
    • School Productions & Concerts
    • Instrumental Lessons (Guitar, Drums, Woodwind, Brass, Strings, Singing and Piano/Keyboard):

    Surrey Arts (information about instrumental lessons):

    Guitar Lessons:

    Singing Lessons:

    Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute Lessons: Email:

    Useful Web links

    Edexcel GCSE Music Information:

    BBC Bitesize – Music Page:

    Surrey Arts Music Page (information about instrumental lessons):




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