Dear Parents and Carers,


Late Tuesday night, the Department for Education released an announcement relating to the wearing of face coverings in secondary schools. The announcement can be accessed here:


As you will see from the announcement, the Department for Education continues to recommend that it is not necessary for staff and students to wear face masks in any areas of school, due to other mitigating measures being in place, such as the year group bubbles, and because it inhibits learning, if worn in the classroom. However, schools will now have the discretion to permit the use of face masks in communal areas, if they determine that is necessary for their setting.


As a school, our plans have not changed as we have said throughout that it is optional for students to wear face masks at Woking High School.


We have, as you are aware, implemented a wide range of measures, such as the year bubbles, to ensure that our students and staff are as safe as possible when we return. Communal areas have been allocated to year bubbles, ensuring that the possibility of mixing across year groups is reduced significantly during unstructured time. We have, for example,  allocated year bubbles specific break areas, toilets, water fountains, food pick-up points, and so forth. We therefore do not require students to wear face masks in communal areas; however, they can if they wish to do so.


If students choose to wear masks, these must be in a plain colour. We recommend that students wearing masks have one or two spare masks with them in case the one they are wearing gets dirty or wet. They will also need a bag for storing used masks. We will share guidance with students on how to put on (don) and take off (doff) face masks during the first day at school to ensure that those who do wear masks can do so safely. Please find a poster attached which explains the donning and doffing of masks and a video 

which we would appreciate if you could share with your children before returning to school.


Our only amendment, in response to the Government's announcement, is to ask that all students bring a mask to school every day, in a resealable bag, in case there is a fire alarm, where the risk of encountering other year bubbles cannot be entirely negated. In such an instance we would ask all students to wear a mask.


Kind regards,

Mrs Walter





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