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Updates from Woking High School
  • Update for Parents

    date posted: Monday 14 Sep 2020


  • School Day Timings

    date posted: Tuesday 08 Sep 2020

    Dear Parents and Carers, 


    It has been an exciting few days.  We have thoroughly enjoyed welcoming our students back to school and have been impressed by how well they have adjusted to the new routines that are in place to keep children safe. 


    We ask that all students arrive to school at their allotted start time and not before.  The staggered start and finish to the day is designed to ease congestion and reduce the mixing of year groups as much as possible and this only works if students arrive at the correct time.  There is to be no gathering around the school entrance either before or after school. 


    Students are requested to use all of the available gates to enter and leave school, this includes the rear gate which is less busy than the front gate. 


    Masks can be worn during times when students may mix with others such as before and after school. 


    Year 7                    Arrive at 8:40 for an 8:45 start                    Finish at 15:00 

    Year 8                    Arrive at 8:40 for an 8:45 start                    Finish at 15:00 

    Year 9                    Arrive at 8:50 for an 8:55 start                    Finish at 14:55 (finishing 5 minutes later than previously communicated) 

    Year 10                  Arrive at 8:50 for an 8:55 start                    Finish at 14:50 

    Year 11                  Arrive at 8:50 for an 8:55 start                    Finish at 14:50 


    Students who arrive late, must use the front entrance. 


    Can we also ask that students who are walking to and from school use the pavement on the Woking High School side of the road until they reach the village as this will help to reduce congestion, especially around Horsell Junior School.  


    If a student is picking up a sibling from Horsell Junior School, please be aware that they are not allowed onsite at the Junior school and that they must not bring friends with them as there is limited space for people to wait. 


    If parents are dropping off and picking up students from Woking High School at the start and the end of the day, please arrange drop-offs and pick-ups a little further from the school, wherever possible, to help with the congestion. 


    We appreciate your continued support as we navigate the new routines. 


    Kind regards, 

    Mrs Walter 

  • Face Coverings

    date posted: Monday 31 Aug 2020

    Dear Parents and Carers,


    Late Tuesday night, the Department for Education released an announcement relating to the wearing of face coverings in secondary schools. The announcement can be accessed here:


    As you will see from the announcement, the Department for Education continues to recommend that it is not necessary for staff and students to wear face masks in any areas of school, due to other mitigating measures being in place, such as the year group bubbles, and because it inhibits learning, if worn in the classroom. However, schools will now have the discretion to permit the use of face masks in communal areas, if they determine that is necessary for their setting.


    As a school, our plans have not changed as we have said throughout that it is optional for students to wear face masks at Woking High School.


    We have, as you are aware, implemented a wide range of measures, such as the year bubbles, to ensure that our students and staff are as safe as possible when we return. Communal areas have been allocated to year bubbles, ensuring that the possibility of mixing across year groups is reduced significantly during unstructured time. We have, for example,  allocated year bubbles specific break areas, toilets, water fountains, food pick-up points, and so forth. We therefore do not require students to wear face masks in communal areas; however, they can if they wish to do so.


    If students choose to wear masks, these must be in a plain colour. We recommend that students wearing masks have one or two spare masks with them in case the one they are wearing gets dirty or wet. They will also need a bag for storing used masks. We will share guidance with students on how to put on (don) and take off (doff) face masks during the first day at school to ensure that those who do wear masks can do so safely. Please find a poster attached which explains the donning and doffing of masks and a video 

    which we would appreciate if you could share with your children before returning to school.


    Our only amendment, in response to the Government's announcement, is to ask that all students bring a mask to school every day, in a resealable bag, in case there is a fire alarm, where the risk of encountering other year bubbles cannot be entirely negated. In such an instance we would ask all students to wear a mask.


    Kind regards,

    Mrs Walter




  • GCSE Grades

    date posted: Wednesday 19 Aug 2020

    Dear Year 11 Students, Parents and Carers, 

    Due to the Government’s U-turn on A Level and GCSE grades in the announcement on Monday 17th August, the results students are receiving tomorrow, Thursday 20th August, and the processes we explained in the document sent 13th August have changed to some extent. This communication explains changes as they stand. 

    As you are aware, at the start of July, we provided the exam boards with Centre Assessed Grades (CAG), which were determined using the methodology shared with you last week (please see attached). The exam boards then applied Ofqual’s algorithm, which was intended to ensure fairness across schools and years. However, as A Level results have highlighted, the algorithm was flawed and some students were severely penalised as a result. This caused the Government to revert to the use of CAGs. 

    We have not yet received any formal information from the Department for Education or Ofqual addressing the announcement or the inherent changes; we expect further documentation later this week or next. So far we know that: 

    • A Level and GCSE students will receive the highest grade out of the CAG and the calculated grade from the exam board.
    • Students will be sent their results as planned on Thursday 20th August. The results will be either the CAG or the exam board’s calculated grade, whichever is the higher grade, which ensures that students get the highest possible outcomes. 
    • BTECs are not included in this decision made Monday and Pearson are currently investigating the statistical moderation approach for these. They have made the following statement to schools: “We are aware that you may also deliver BTECs in your school. BTECs are structured very differently to A levels, and so the approach to awarding is also different. BTECs were not subject to the same statistical moderation process as A levels. 

     BTECs comprise modular units that students complete and are assessed at regular stages during their course of study, so prior to March 2020, students had already banked graded units for their qualification. As we do every year, this year we asked centres to submit all the grades for the internal assessment units that had been completed as well as any grades for units still to be completed. These were accepted with very little change following quality assurance checks. They then formed part of the evidence, alongside previously completed assessment unit grades, to award grades for the externally assessed units and the final overall qualification grade.    

    For the very small number of grades that were adjusted, we will be reviewing them on a case by case basis with centres following the same principles as those announced today. We have seen very stable outcomes for BTEC and other vocational qualifications. As in every year, students unhappy with their final grade can appeal.” This means that although students will receive grades for their BTECs tomorrow, these may need to be updated when Pearson have reviewed the grades. If a student’s BTEC grades are upgraded, we will send the results via post. Please be aware that we have been informed by Cambridge International that grades for any of their courses will not be available until next week; we will send those out by post.

    • We have had no further information about the appeals process, but ASCL (Association of School and College Leaders) sent out an email to members yesterday which suggested, as expected, that the appeals process will remain, although there will be no option to appeal for the use of mock grades.  


    Results Day:   

    There is essentially no change to the process that we set out in the previous communication. Students will receive their statement of results via the personal email address they have provided from 9am Thursday 20th August. The students who have not provided a personal email address, will receive their results in the post, which will arrive after 20th August. The only change is, as mentioned above, that students will receive the CAG or the exam board’s calculated grade, whichever is the higher grade. 

    If students have not provided us with a personal email address by this stage, the statement of results will be sent home via post and will therefore not arrive until after 20th August.  

    If students are concerned about their progression onto college, we advise contacting the college directly with any questions.   

    Woking College - 01483 761 036  

    Godalming College – 01483 423 526  

    Farnborough Sixth Form College - 01252 405 555  

    Gordon’s School - 01276 858 084  

    Fullbrook Sixth - 01932 349 301   

    Saint John the Baptist School - 01483 729 343  

    Brooklands College – 01932 797 700  

    Merrist Wood College – 01483 884 000   

    Farnham College - 01252 716 988  

    Teachers will not be able to discuss the Centre Assessed Grades with students; however, if students wish to discuss any concerns with us, having already spoken to their prospective college, they will be able to meet with a member of SLT on the 21st August by making an appointment via Ms Mercer – to discuss their concerns.   


    Internal Review (Appeals):   

    We are awaiting further information about any changes to the appeals process shortly; however, it is doubtful that it will change much, if at all.  

    As mentioned in our previous communication, it is important to understand that the review process is very different this year as students will have the opportunity to sit the exam in November to achieve a higher grade than the one awarded. Ofqual has decided, as a result of their consultation, that students cannot appeal their grade or challenge the methodology a centre has used to determine students’ grades (Please see Ofqual’s guidance attached to the email sent 13th August).  

    Students can ask a centre to:  

    • Check for administrative errors when the centre input data or when the board communicated results, also referred to as clerical errors. We will be doing a check of this upon receipt of results in order to address any obvious errors immediately. 
    • Check if the method used by the centre to determine grades was applied correctly. 
    • Investigate concerns regarding bias or discrimination against them in determining their grade. This type of concern must be supported by evidence.  

    Any concerns students wish to raise for internal review will need to be made via Form 2 between 31st August and 7th September.   

    November Exam Series:   

    There are no changes to the plans for the November Exams Series; however, I have attached the exam timetable as it stands. Please be aware that this could change. 

    If students wish to sit exams in November, they will need to fill in and submit Form 3 .   

    Deadline for entries for English Language and Maths – 28th September.  

    Deadline for entries in all other subjects – 14th September.  

    Yours sincerely,  


  • Year 11 2020/21

    date posted: Friday 14 Aug 2020

    Dear Year 10 students and Parents/Carers,

    I hope you are enjoying the summer.

    Despite it being the summer holidays there have been a number of educational developments occurring, hence the email today.

    As you are aware, Ofqual initiated a consultation regarding the 2021 exams and we have now received the results of the consultation. I have summarised the main points below and attached a subject summary as well as the official document from Ofqual, should you wish to read the detailed analysis. The subject summary sets out any changes to assessment in the subjects we offer for next year; departments have been made aware of these and are now working on adapting their programme of study to reflect these. Teachers will discuss these with students in more detail on our return, so that they can prepare effectively for their exams in the summer.

    Key points from Ofqual consultation:

    ·       Most of the proposals made were agreed. All decisions related to change in content or assessments are listed in the subject summary attached.

    ·       Astronomy and English Literature were additions made in response to feedback. Astronomy will be able to do observations through demonstrations or simulations. English Literature students will be tested on one less text as determined by the English Department, although the Shakespeare text will remain as core content.

    ·       There will not be greater question level optionality as Ofqual considered that it would be a disadvantage to the students who are already most disadvantaged by the disruption caused by the pandemic.

    ·       Exams will not change in terms of the length, number or format of exam papers, unless to accommodate any subject specific changes. For example, there will be no fieldwork questions for Geography so the exam paper will change to accommodate this.

    ·       The proposal to change the timing of the exam in the summer of 2021 to June/July has not been decided on. The following statement was made: “The key decision for Ofqual on the timetable is whether to change our rules to allow the exams boards to offer exams in July 2021 as well as in May and June. However, changes to the exam timetable are not for Ofqual alone. We will work with DfE, the exam boards, colleagues in Wales and Northern Ireland, and higher education to undertake a further analysis of the options, the risks and the mitigations, before taking a decision.” We await further clarification.

    Some of our Year 10 students were entered for Astronomy and Statistics this year and are due to receive their results next week. I have attached a document which sets out how we, as a school, approached the awarding of Centre Assessed Grades. Regretfully, due to restrictions on large group gatherings, we have had to adapt the way we conduct our Results Day and this year our Year 10 students will receive their results via post. The results will be sent out when they are released on 20th August.

    If a student has concerns about the grade awarded, they can request the Centre Assessed Grade, using Form 1, and then speak to me or another member of SLT on our return in September to discuss their options, which are, unfortunately, very limited this year. Students can make an appeal, but the CAG cannot be challenged and Year 10 students would be expected either to sit the exam in November or in the summer 2021, if they are unhappy with the grade awarded by the board.


    Year 10 students will, however, be able to ask school to:

    ·       Check for administrative errors when the centre input data or when the board communicated results.

    ·       Check if the method used by the centre to determine grades was applied correctly.

    ·       Investigate concerns regarding bias or discrimination against them in determining their grade. This type of concern must be supported by evidence.


    You may also have read or heard on the news that students can choose to appeal for a validated mock grade to be used instead of an awarded grade; however, this is not applicable for our Year 10 students as schools were closed before our students could complete a standardised and formal mock.


    I have attached some information from Ofqual for information, but please be aware that it was published before the changes announced yesterday, 12th August.


    I hope that you enjoy the rest of the summer; we look forward to welcoming students back for their final year in September.


    Kind regards,

    Mrs Walter


    Student Information about malpractice
    Consultation Decisions
    Methodology for determining Centre Assessed Grades
    GCSE Subjects
    Summer 2021 Consultation Analysis
    Subject Annex



  • 2020 GSCE Grades

    date posted: Friday 14 Aug 2020

    Dear Year 11 Students, Parents and Carers, 

    As promised in our last communication, please see the attached letter and other documentation which sets out the processes related to this year’s GCSE grades.

    Kind regards,

    Mrs Walter


    Letter from Mrs Walter
    Information for Students regarding malpractice
    Methodology for determining Centre Assessed Grades
    Student Guide 2020
    Results Postcards
    Standardising Grades Summer 2020



  • Return to School September 2020

    date posted: Monday 10 Aug 2020

    Dear Parents, Carers and Students, 


    It is strange to think that by the time the summer holidays start next week, the lockdown has lasted for four months! Although many restrictions have now been lifted, it certainly does not feel like we have, as of yet, returned fully to normal life and we know that it will take time before normality is fully restored. However, we are thrilled that all our students will be returning in September. 


    Our main priorities as we reopen fully, are the safety of our students and staff and delivering a full curriculum during the school day, ensuring that students’ educational experiences continue to be broad, balanced and rich. As a result, we have drawn up specific plans, in line with current Government guidance, which will allow students and staff to return to school safely, reducing the contact between different year groups, and enabling us to deliver teaching, learning and assessment in all subjects as far as is practicable.  


    We are also acutely aware that students’ experiences during the lockdown have varied significantly and some students have coped with the implications of being locked down at home more easily than others. We will be working closely with students to support them through any difficulties they have experienced and may continue to experience as we return through our PSHE and wellbeing programme. 


    However, in order to ensure that students’ return to school and the Government’s plans for the Autumn Term are viable and sustainable, we have had to prepare for a new ‘norm’ and school life will look different for the academic year, even if we are able to make some changes at the end of the Autumn Term to ease the measures we have to implement. 


    Today’s communication sets out key information that parents, carers and students need to be aware of before the return in September to help prepare for the changes to school life. We will be supporting students with this upon our return, spending time going over routines and expectations in much more detail during the first week in September. 


    I have prepared a video ( ) which goes through the key points set out in the information sheet that has been attached for those who prefer to access the information in this format, but I would recommend keeping the information sheet for reference in September. You will also find a number of other documents attached to the email, such as the Student Code of Conduct which students and parents/carers will need to sign and return to school on our return. The Risk Assessment although also attached here has been published on the website and will be updated to reflect any changes or additions to measures. Link to the website: 


    We will also run virtual Information Evenings for each year group in September where we will have the opportunity to update you on any changes and provide further information for the year ahead.  


    All that remains is for me to reiterate my thanks to all our families for your continued support; it has certainly made a challenging situation easier to manage with the kindnesses shown and positive messages shared with us as a school and with the staff directly. Have a wonderful summer. 


    Kind regards, 


    Mrs Walter 


    Full opening of WHS Autumn 2020 
    Behaviour Policy
    Student Code of Conduct
    Safeguarding Policy

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