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    Team Members

    • Mr O Bland - Head of Media Studies / Head of Year 11
    • Miss N Aghajanian - Teach of Media Studies, Teacher of Music
    • Mrs J McAllen - Teacher of  Media Studies, Teacher of English
    Vision Statement

    What is your subject for?

    • As a practical aspect of everyone’s everyday life, it is a tool to interpret the world in which we live.
    • It teaches us how society communicates and influences us
    • It is powerful in bringing about change (in ourselves as individuals and in the world around us)
    • It informs us of codes and conventions of a range of media platforms (ranging from TV, radio, internet, magazines, gaming, news, advertising, etc) and enables us to decode them in terms of Representation, Audience, Institution and media Language
    • It develops practical skills (which are cross-curricular in nature: Art, IT, Tech, English, Film Studies)
    • It fosters analytical thinking
    • It supports SMSC to a great extent.

    Why does your subject matter?

    • It helps us to stay up to date with the every-increasing world of technology
    • It fosters independent learning
    • It develops practical skills
    • It fosters team work
    • It is fun!
    • It is highly relevant in all students’ lives (from the time they wake up and check their phones !)
    • There is something for everyone

    What does your subject help young people achieve?

    • It prepares them to some extent to engage with the “world out there” because many of the tasks are presented as briefs which students are expected to respond to “in role”
    • It can help students to decode and “make sense” of their world
    • It can help students to cope with daily stresses and strains by allowing them to engage responsibly in social media and other media platforms

    Aims and Objectives

    We aim to provide students with meaningful coverage of media theory and practice by offering a choice of assignments for production and pre-production. Students will also be given opportunities to learn about real media products and industries.

    Celebration of success (achievements)

    Summer 2020 GCSE results:

    Media Studies 89% (9-4) 32% (9-7)

    We run an annual Spring Film Festival (now in it’s eighth year) where all students may submit their own films to be screened to an audience. This is followed by an awards ceremony where winners in a range of categories are celebrated.

    Range of Opportunities

    • Students are given the opportunity to work in production groups and present to the class. This enables them to develop confidence in group work and public speaking
    • Students are encouraged to work alongside each other to develop practical skills in a range of tasks
    • Students are able to participate in a number of Media-related activities (e.g. film festivals and photography competitions)
    • Students have the opportunity to enjoy trips to the BBC studios and other interesting venues.


    • A mini suite of computers and editing software
    • cameras
  • We are excited to offer the opportunity for students to select Media Studies in Year 9, where they will cover the key concepts of analysis and design. This provides a foundation for any student wanting to study this at GCSE. 

  • Media Studies is an option subject at GCSE level, where we work with AQA 8572. This involves two exams at the end of Year 11, focussing on close study projects to be covered over the course. It also include a Non-Exam assessment which focusses on practical production. 

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