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    • Dr. E Williams – Head of Latin, 

    Mission statement

    The fact that the study of Latin is unusual is a very modern position in which we find ourselves. Right up until the 20th century, anyone in England who had enjoyed a high level of education had read classics, Greek and Latin both at school and at university. Until the reforms of the late 19th century, all education at Oxford and Cambridge was in that tradition. As a direct result of this, the bulk of English literature written prior to the 20th century is influenced by the classics.

    More than this, the study of Classical languages is a tool through which young people can learn higher-order thinking skills. It is also the perfect way for them to learn how languages work: while modern languages are evolving all the time, ancient languages offer a firm and secure grounding in the structures of grammar that can elude even the most natural of linguists without this background.

    Aims and Objectives

    In Latin we aim to:

    • Develop students’ skills in the Latin language, enabling them to access Latin literature in the original language from KS4 onwards
    • Explore themes that are still fundamental to the concerns of modern life such as the origins of democracy, the rights of women and the concept of slavery
    • Develop students’ awareness of our cultural heritage.

    Celebration of success (achievements)

    2020 exam results:
    100% (9-5)
    36.36% Grade 9


    Range of Opportunities

    Most students thrive on the intellectual challenge that Latin offers. They also enjoy learning about the Romans and their lives through the stories that we read, which are set in Pompei, Roman Britain and Roman Alexandria.


    Students have the benefit of a dedicated Latin room; since being refurbished and redecorated in 2013 is now one of the nicest rooms in the school!

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    Year 10 Year 11  
  • In Year 7, all students in Band 1 for English study Latin from scratch and learn about Roman culture and society in the small, provincial town of Pompeii. A significant proportion of students then continue their study of Latin in Years 8 and 9, where they learn about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and how this affects the fortunes of Caecilius and his family. In Year 9, students develop their skills in the language and also learn a little about the Roman occupation of Britain and other provinces.

    Assessment is carried out throughout the year with regular tri-weeklis and frequest vocabulary tests.

  • The real joy of classics develops for students who opt for the subject at GCSE level, when students begin to read the original literature of the ancients and appreciate the extent of their influence on the modern world. We study GCSE Latin following the OCR specification, selecting the papers on Language and Literature exclusively.    

    Assessment is carried out throughout the year with regular tri-weeklies on a variety of grammar constructions, building up to specimin and past papers. There are also frequest vocabulary tests.                                              

    For those who thrive in the subject and wish to continue, Latin A level is taught at Woking College. For those who remain fascinated by the culture, politics and society of the ancient world but who prefer to study in translation, Classical Civilisation is also an option at Woking College as well as at Farnborough.

  • Enrichment programme

    In the past we have run visits to the Bay of Naples. Students have had the opportunity to climb Mount Vesuvius, visit the volcanic fields at Solfatara, the amphitheatre at Pozzuoli and the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

    Useful Web links

    For the specification for Latin at GCSE see

    Cambridge Latin Course:


    Youtube channel




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