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    Team Members
    • Mrs K Wilson - Head of Drama (KS3 and KS4)
    • Miss G Davies - Teacher of Drama (KS3)
    • Mrs A Templeton - Teacher of Drama (KS3)
    Mission Statement

    The Woking High School Drama Department is a vibrant and energetic department, which develops a creative and disciplined approach to the study of Drama and Theatre through a combination of practical and written activities.  Study of Drama, and indeed the Arts, not only enriches knowledge and understanding of a variety of playwrights and theatre practitioners, but also develops the emotional intelligence of the students, producing well-rounded individuals. Students gain a knowledge and understanding of Drama as an Art form, yet also develop skills in leadership, communication, time management, organisation, creativity and self-discipline – all of which will assist students in a variety of career paths. Consequently, Drama is delivered to all students in Year 7 and 8, and as an Option in Year 9 and at Key Stage 4.

    Aims and Objectives

    • To develop Knowledge & Understanding of Drama as an academic subject.          
    • To explore and develop Drama Skills in a safe and experimental working environment
    • To develop well-rounded individuals
    • To develop life skills
    • To foster a culture for appreciation of the Arts
    Vision Statement
    Celebration of success (achievements)
    • 2020 GCSE results:
      Drama 87% (Grade 9-4) 33% (Grade 9-7)
    • Growing involvement of students with PIE Productions responsible are for presenting the School Production. Our most recent production involved 100 students, both on stage and behind the scenes.

    • Growing involvement of students with the creative Arts and Technology Gala; this is a prestigious black tie event, bringing together all of the Creative Subjects within the school. Our most recent gala involved 100 students, sharing their talents in an exhibition, on stage and behind the scenes, and through the provision of refreshments. 

    • GCSE Drama Performance work at annual Concert of Remembrance.
    Range of Opportunities

    The Drama Department traditionally provides an array of extra-curricular activities to enrich student experiences of Drama & Theatre, in addition to the curriculum provision. These include:

    • PIE Productions
    • The Creative Arts and Technology Gala 
    • Lower School Drama Club
    • GCSE Curriculum Support
    • Digital Theatre Club         
    • TAG
    • Theatre Enrichment Opportunities

    These opportunities are on hold at present, due to procedures put in place in light of the recent pandemic.

    Please see Additional Information for further details.


    Drama is taught in a purpose built suite of specialist rooms. M2 is a rehearsal room, traditionally where most Drama classes are taught. This room is fully equipped with a projector and sound system. The Drama Studio is a small self-contained theatre with lighting and sound technology available. Some lessons also do take place in the Studio. Students are able to access lighting and sound technology both within GCSE classes and as part of TAG who support all performances at Woking High School.

    Knowledge Organisers
     Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
    Unit 1 Rolling Unit  Unit 1
      Melodrama  Rolling Unit
  • At Key Stage 3, students explore the foundation skills of Drama & Theatre which will prepare them for study at a higher level. Pupils learn about: Theatre History, Performance Styles, Performance Skills, Devising Techniques and Performance Analysis. Exploration and Assessment is conducted through Making, Performing, Understanding & Evaluating Drama.

    In Year 7, students have one Drama lesson per cycle. They explore the following units:

    • Building a can-do attitude
    • Greek Chorus
    • Developing a Character (Storytelling)

    In Year 8, students have two Drama lessons per cycle. They explore the following units:   

    • Developing that can-do attitude
    • Script Interpretation
    • Devising Theatre
    • Melodrama
    • Performance Analysis (Fairy Tales)  

    In Year 9, students have two Drama lessons per cycle. They explore topics which build on prior knowledge, and prepare them for the study of Drama & Theatre at a higher level (GCSE). These units include:                  

    • Developing the can-do attitude
    • Introduction to Blood Brothers
    • Devising Theatre Techniques
    • Performance Analysis (‘Romeo & Juliet’)
  • At Key Stage 4, the Drama Department deliver the AQA GCSE Drama Specification. Students have five Drama lessons per cycle in Year 10 and 11.

    The course assessment is divided into the following three components:                                                                                                                    

    • Component 1: Understanding Drama (Written Exam / 40% of GCSE). The students are assessed on their ability to demonstrate their Knowledge & Understanding of Theatre through the exploration and response to a Set Text, and through Analysis and Evaluation of Live Theatre. For the Live Theatre component, students are required to attend a Theatre Visit to see a professional production. Formal assessment takes place in a written examination at the end of the course in Year 11.                                                                                                             
    • Component 2: Devising Drama (Non-Exam Assessment / 40 % of GCSE). The students are assessed upon both the process of creating Devised Drama (recorded in a Devising Log), and the final Performance of the Devised Drama. The Log is worth 60 marks, and the Performance is worth 20 marks.                                                                                                
    • Component 3: Texts in Practice (Performance Exam / 20% of GCSE). The students are assessed on the performance of two extracts from the same play which is assessed by an external examiner.                                                    

    Exam board

    Syllabus code

    Assessment details



    40% non-exam assessment (Practical - 10% / Written – 30%)

    20% practical examination

    40% written examination

  • Enrichment Activities Please be advised that these opportunities are currently on hold due to procedures put in place in the light of the recent pandemic. We have included details of our wide range of activities under normal circumstances.

    PIE ProductionsThis school-based performance company presents the  whole school production. Our mission statement is to ‘Perform, Inspire and Entertain’! Within this company, pupils of all ages can audition for the production which is performed in the Spring Term. It is a huge project, often involving 70-100 students performing on stage, within the orchestra/band, or working behind the scenes. Previous productions have included; ‘Grease: School Edition’, ‘The Sound of Music’, ‘The Wizard of Oz’, ‘Beauty & the Beast’, ‘Oliver!’, ‘My Fair Lady’, and ‘Calamity Jane’.

    The Creative Arts and Technology Gala:

    This is a black tie event, recognising that ‘Imagination’ is common theme between an array of creative subjects such as Art, Design Technology, Drama, Food & Nutrition, Media Studies and Music. Consequently, the Gala features an exhibition of work from Art students (GCSE explorative work), Design Technology (Year 9 Merchandise) and Media Studies (Year 9 creation of Comic Books). The exhibition is followed by a Musical Theatre Showcase featuring both Drama and Music students from Year 7-11, including projection devised by Media Studies students, and technical support from our student-based Technical Assistance Group operating lighting and sound. Audiences are welcomed with a glass of non-alcoholic fizz, accompanied with a sweet treat, all prepared by our Hospitality & Catering and Food & Nutrition students.


    Lower School Drama Club: Year 7-9 Drama students are invited to attend Drama Club, which runs during the Autumn and Summer Term. The students explore additional Drama Skills to further their curriculum learning.

    GCSE Curriculum Support: GCSE Drama students are provided with the opportunity to develop skills for written examination purposes, and rehearse and enrich performance skills for practical performance examinations.

    TAG: The Technical Assistance Group provides an opportunity to go behind the scenes and learn about Technical Theatre. Led by Mr Harman, students have the opportunity to work with professional sound and lighting equipment, develop foundation knowledge and understanding of technical equipment, and join the Technical Crew for Whole School Performing Arts projects.

    Digital Theatre Club: The Drama Department has registered for the 'National Theatre: On Demand: In Schools' streaming video service. This allows schools to stream an array of National Theatre productions to students at school. The club allows students to watch a production over a series of weekly sessions. In addition, we also explore opportunities for students to watch productions from other digital sources. The club runs during the Summer term, and dates of viewings for productions will be published via the Student Bulletin. All students are welcome to attend, although some of the productions do have age restrictions which will be adhered to by the school. Once again, this information will be included in the Student Bulletin.

    Theatre Enrichment: The Drama Department strives to provide opportunities for students to have theatre enrichment experiences throughout their school journey. This may involve Theatre Visits and Workshops, as well as opportunities to be involved with the Whole School Production. Previous activities in the last three years have included:

    • Musical Theatre Workshop (Year 7)
    • Theatre Visit to see ‘Annie’ at The New Victoria Theatre, Woking (Year 8)
    • Arts in Industry Day (Year 8)
    • Theatre Visit to see 'Annie' at The New Victoria Theatre, Woking (year 8)
    • Public Performance in annual Concert of Remembrance (Year 10)
    • Theatre Visit to see ‘Comedy About a Bank Robbery’ at the Criterion Theatre, London (Year 10/11)
    • ‘Blood Brothers’ Workshop with Theatre Education company ‘Stage-Ed’ (Year 11)
    • Participation in the Whole School Production. Productions over the last two years have included ‘The Sound of Music’ and ‘Grease: School Edition’. (Year 7-11)
    • Participation in the Creative Arts and Technology Gala (Years 7-11)
    Useful Web links http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/drama/



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