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    Team Members
    • Mr A Afana - Head of Computing Department
    • Mr I Watkins – Second in Department - KS3
    • Mrs K Chorley - Teacher of Computing
    • Mrs N Lawton - Teacher of Computing

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    Vision statement

    Our vision is to provide quality Computing education at key stage 3 and 4, to prepare our studnets to study the subject at A-level and beyond. The curriculum will be grounded in the fundamental principles of computing and will prepare our students to apply these principles creatively and responsibly with a high level of clear understanding of ethical and legal issues in computer science.

    Our KS3 and KS4 curriculum offers aspects of Computer Science, Computational Thinking, Computing Unplugged Physical Computing and Information Technology. Computer Science is a more in-depth course and deals with data, the hardware of computers, networks, the internet and programming. Whereas Information Technology deals with using computers to acquire and use knowledge as applied in the business world.

    Aims and Objectives

    • Understand and apply the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science, including abstraction, logic, algorithms and data representation.
    • Develop students' analytical problem solving in computational terms, devise a solution using algorithm, develop a solution and test and evaluate the produced solution.
    • Inspire students to appreciate and integrate information technology, including new or unfamiliar technologies, analytically to solve problems.
    • Can evaluate and apply information technology, including new or unfamiliar technologies, analytically to solve problems.
    • Encourage students to be responsible, competent, confident and creative users of information and communication technology.
    • Increase students' awareness of the importance of legal and ethical issue when using digital device/media.

    Celebration of success (achievements)

    Computing 94% (9-4) 41% (9-7)

    UK National Esport Tournaments (Digital-Schoolhouse-Ukie) Runner-up 2019

    Range of Opportunities

    • Targeted revision for invited Y11 students
    • Drop-in-clinic for GCSE students
    • Careers links with industry partners
    • Esport tournament leadership and management team
    • Computer Science masterclasses – The Royal Institution (Ri)
    • Coding clubs for KS3


    • Four Computing Labs each with 32 stations installed with up to date operating systems (Windows 10)
    • 250 BBC Micro:bits with robotics kit and accessories
    • 40 Raspberry Pi's 4B and 15 Raspberry Pi 3 with related kit
    • 6 Gaming Computers for esport tournaments
    • 2 Nintendo Switches for esport tournament
    • Two (Follow me) multipurpose photocopiers
    • Eitht Intel Galileo Arduino Board - Gen 1
    • 68 crumbles devices
  • Year 7:

    • Introduction to WHS network and systems (including Digital Safety)
    • Fundamentals of Computer Systems
    • Computational Thinking 
    • Computational Thinking (Using Micro:bits)
    • Game Design (Using Construct 3/Kudo Game Lab)

    Year 8:

    • Computer Software
    • Data Representation
    • Programming Techniques (Using Small Basic)
    • IoT (Internet of Things)
    • Web Design (HTML)

    Year 9:

    • Computational Thinking
    • Programming Techniques (Using Python)
    • Programming Project (Using Python)
    • Computer Ethics and Laws
    • Computer Networks


  • GCSE Computer Science 9-1 (OCR J276):

    Unit 01: Computer Systems:

    o   Worth 50% of the course grade overall (80 marks)

    o   1hr 30 min written assessment (Year 11)

    o   Unit contents:

    • Systems Architecture Memory and Storage
    • Primary Storage
    • Secondary Storage
    • Networks (Topologies, Protocols, Layers and Security)
    • Software - overview
    • Systems Software
    • Legal, ethical and environmental issues

    Unit 02: Computational Thinking, Algorithms and programming

    o   Worth 50% of the course grade overall (80 marks)

    o   1hr 30 min written assessment (Year 11)

    o   Unit topics:

    • Programming techniques
    • Making reliable programs
    • Data representation
    • Logic
    • Translators and programming tools
    • Programming Project (Using Python)

    GCSE Computer Science 9-1 (J277) OCR

    Unit 01: Computer Systems:

    o    Worth 50% of the course grade overall

    o    1hr 30 min written assessment (Year 11)

    o    Unit Contents:

    1.1   Systems architecture

    1.2   Memory and storage

    1.3   Computer networks, connections, and protocols

    1.4   Network security

    1.5   Systems software

    1.6   Ethical, legal, cultural, and environmental impacts of digital technology


    Unit 02: Computational Thinking, Algorithms, and programming

    o    Worth 50% of the course grade overall

    o    1hr 30 min written assessment (Year 11)

    o    Unit Contents:

    2.1  Algorithms

    2.2  Programming fundamentals

    2.3  Producing robust programs

    2.4  Boolean logic

    2.5  Programming languages and Integrated Development Environments


    Information Technologies Level 1/2 Certificate  (OCR J808):

    R012: Understanding tools, techniques, methods and processes for technological solutions:

    o   Worth 50% of the course grade overall

    o   1hr 45 min written assessment (Year 11)

    R013: Developing technological solutions:

    o   Worth 50% of the course grade overall (60 marks)

    o   Approx. 20 hr of practical project – internal moderation

  • Enrichment programme


    Enrichment programme

    • Esport national competition in partnership with Digital Schoolhouse (UKie) - all students
    • Careers in Technology and Gaming industries in partnership with Ubisoft Entertainment SA
    • Y9 students Art Brief – Art and Graphic Design through Video Games – Ubisoft
    • Inspiring careers training day with Ubisoft – year 7 students
    • Microsoft DigiGirlz events for year 8 girls
    • Visionaries by Digital Schoolhouse and e-Magine with Alexandra palace – year 9 girls
    • Bletchley Park visit - year 8 students
    • Coding Club with The Widening Participation and Outreach, Surrey University – year 8 and 9 students
    • Careers panel with BAFTA YGD (Young Game Designers) – KS4 students
    • Bebras Challenge participation (all students)
    • Microsoft Head Office visit (Y9-10)
    • L5 room is opened AM (08:00-08:45), break, lunch and PM (15:30-16:30) except Day 11

    Useful Web links

    OCR exam board:GCSE Computer Science (9-1)


    b.       Cambridge Nationals Information Technology J808):

    2.       Hour of code:

    3.       BBC Bitesize KS3 Computing:

    4.       BBC Bitesize KS4 Computing:

    5.     Learn Coding:

    6.      Learn Programming:

    7.      BBC Mirco:bits

    NCCE Hub
    National Centre for Computing Education Hub

    Woking High School – Computing Department is delighted to have been awarded official Computing Hub status by the National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE), in order to provide support for primary and secondary computing teachers in schools in the area. 

    The school is one of a network of NCCE Computing Hubs across England and will be a focal point for local computing training for schools, and will also form links with industry and universities. The NCCE was set up in November 2018 by the Department for Education to increase the number of pupils in schools and colleges who study computer science at GCSE, AS and A level, particularly girls and those in disadvantaged areas, and to ensure that there is a strong pipeline of digital skills in England.


    We are Teach Computing South, one of forty computing hubs operating across England, covering Surrey, Rushmoor, Guildford, Mole Valley, Waverley, and Woking.




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