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    Team Members
    • Mrs T Alighieri - Head of Art 
    • Mrs H Garner - Teacher of Art
    • Miss J Pass - Teacher of Art  (KS3) 
    • Mrs L Kelly – Art / Design and Technology Technician
    Mission statement

    Art is an integral part of the structure of Woking High School. This is because Art is cross-curricular, engaging with every aspect of school life and can be ingrained into every subject.

    Art is not only a practical subject but academic as it engages with: history, politics and society, social, economic, cultural and spiritual aspects of the past, present and future.

    Students build confidence facing challenges whether it is their practical skills, opinions about the art world, technically growing in precision or identification. Each step in the art programme is establishing their base knowledge and provides new and exciting challenges.   

    Art impacts not only the school curriculum from KS2 through to KS5 and beyond, it also has strong links with parents, other schools, local communities and authorities. Just looking at the school’s environment you will see the passion, creativity, commitment, and imagination of our students, who strive to change and develop learning new skills, facing new challenges and inspired by the world around them and the dynamic highly skilled art teaching staff. This builds students confidence and creativity, developing them to become independent in their learning and their artistic outcomes.

    Aims and Objectives

    We aim to provide enjoyment and support and encourage creativity, imagination and experimentation.

    To explore a variety of media and resources to inspire and challenge students.

    At KS3 students in Year 7 and 8 are  taught in tutor groups,  at the end of Year 8 students' can decide which two of the arts they would like to continue with, 2 lessons per cycle.

    At KS4 students are taught by two specialist at teachers with KS5 experience with 5 lessons per cycle. 

    The examining body chosen has been carefully selected to allow students to fully develop their artistic skills using a wide range of traditional and new technologies. As a result their portfolios are diverse, imaginative and creativite, celebrating students individual artistic talents in a wide range of media and outcomes.

    Celebration of success (achievements)

    Summer 2020:

    GCSE Art and Design 91% (9-4)

    GCSE Art and Design 40.5% (9-7)

    Well done to Year 11 Art Students who have all worked extremely hard and produced some beautiful art portfolios.

    KS3 Day 11 'Art In Industry workshop'

    Resulting in two competiton winners having their designs professionally produced by 'Open Toe Studio' Advertising agency and 'Go Ape' Games design agency.

    Cycle Crime Prevention poster working with Surrey Transport Police and South West Rail.

    Resulting in four of our students winning overall and four students recieving achievement awards.  

    Surrey Fire and Rescue Service: Young Artists Competition.

    Resulting in a permanent display of one of our students' artwork in the fire station.

    Year 10 and 11 Muslim Peace Garden project.

    Each year, students as part of their GCSE programme of study visit the reinvented Peace Garden and produce artworks capturing its beautful landscape and peaceful atmosphere. These works are then used in multiple exhibitions celebrating and remembering the Great War and the soldiers from every culture, nationality and religion who fought for Britain.

    Range of Opportunities

    The Art deprtament will be running from September 2017:

    • Monday KS3 Art Club
    • Monday KS3 MA Art Club
    • Tuesday and Thursday KS4 support for Art EDUQAS GCSE

    The art department has a range of meda that students can explore such as:

    • Print making
    • Graphite
    • Acrylic
    • Watercolour
    • Photoshop/photography
    • Clay
    • Mod rock/wire/mesh- creating inspirational sculptures
    • Colour ink- exploring abstract pieces of Art

    Opportunities to work with an artist in residence

    Opportunities to visit galleries locally and in London.


    2 Fully Equipped Art Rooms


    Digital Cameras

    Printing blocks

    Intaglio Press

    Computers and colour printers in both rooms for:

    • Adobe Suite
    • Sketchup
    • 2D Design
    Knowledge Organisers
  • KS3 Overview:

    Year 7 Autumn - Observational Drawing (from still life objects)

    Students will build on previous KS2 learning and further master key skills such as coordination, detailing, spatial awareness and control while rendering organic objects using tone, shading, contrast and blending in black and white media.

    This unit of work will refer to the works of the great masters as well as linking with contemporary artists.

    Year 7 Spring - Colour Theory

    Students will continue to build on previous KS2 learning and further master key skills such as focusing on the importance of colour to enhance artwork and how the use of colour interacts with the viewer.

    Students will use a variety of colour based media including painting.  Students will explore colour rendering objects realistically, expressively and through illustration.

    This unit of work will refer to the works of the great masters as well as linking with contemporary artists.

    Year 7 Summer - Self exploration through Culture

    Students will learn and investigate patterns and designs from their own and other cultures creating strong links with SMSC.

    At this stage students will independently choose media that they feel will reflect and display the meaning of their art work.

    This will be through personal investigation and the collection of evidence.    

    Year 8 Spring - Objects that describe you (Mixed media, collage and sculpture)

    Students will focus on mastering drawing skills using a variety of more sophisticated materials. There will be emphasis on what drawing can be and the variety of media that can be combined to render it. This is in line with the new GCSE EDUQAS criteria.

    Students will research and respond to artists of their choice and show further understanding by re-creating their artwork using their own primary imagery.

    Year 8 Autumn - Art in Industry

    Following on from the inspirational talks from arts, crafts, architects, games designers, advertisers and many more during Day 11.  Students will create a body of work based on a brief set by a professional.

    Skills learned will include; presentation, collaboration, design, evaluation, delegation, photography, model making (clay), story boarding, copywriting and many more. Students will learn the value of working in a team, creating 2D and 3D designs. 

    Year 8 Summer -  Architecture, technical drawing and Landscape

    Students will study distinct areas of technical art which will collaboratively inform each other such as perspective, proportion, landscape drawing, texture studies, colour blending, harmonising and architecture.

    They will produce work which has art values such as tone, texture and colour. Artist, crafts and architects will be used as starting point that will explore traditional, classic, and modern and futuristic and architecture.

    Year 9 Unit One (Autumn - Spring half term) Aspects of Drawing

    In line with the new EDUQAS GCSE Specification Students will create a portfolio based on all aspects of what drawing can be. They will use a variety and combination of media to render personal objects in more challenging scales. This will include the use of digital technologies, lens based media and photoshop techniques.
    A variety of artists, crafts people and designers will be shown working in a wide range of styles to push the students’ creativity and imagination.

    Year 9 Unit Two (Spring half term - Summer) Portrait & Figure Drawing

    The artwork produced from this unit will be used for their first GCSE Unit ‘Self Reflection.’

    Students will  master the realistic drawing of their own portrait and facial features. This will expand to using a variety of media and inspired by different drawing styles from traditional to illustrative to further explore their portrait.

    They will study semiology looking at the work of Lucien Freud, Basquait, Picasso, Freda Kahlo and illustration referencing the work of Jon Burgerman. This will inform their work so that they create art which is personal and independent concentrating on AO2 Refining and AO3 Recording.


  • KS4 Unit Overview:

    Students will embark on a programme of personal study choosing a selection of sub-themes. Students will create a multitude of expressive and experimental drawing in line with the new Eduqas WJEC specification and connection to their overall theme. 

    GCSE Art and Design overall mark is separated into two main areas:

    60% Coursework

    • Unit One formal element and Unit Two Surrounding.
    • This extended Unit will allow students to produce several portfolio pieces that will complement the new specification.

    40% Examination

    • EDUQAS Externally set exam

    EDUQAS Assessment Objectives:

    AO1: Critical understanding Develop ideas through investigations, demonstrating critical understanding of sources

    AO2: Creative making Refine work by exploring ideas, selecting and experimenting with appropriate media, materials, techniques and processes.

    AO3: Reflective recording Ideas observations and insights relevant to intentions as work progresses.

    AO4: Personal presentation Present a personal and meaningful response that realises intentions and demonstrates understanding of visual language.


    Students will choose between 15 set themes, images and tasks creating a portfolio of work and visual outcome.

    This unit is 40% of the students overall GCSE grade and cannot be worked on after the examination date.   

    Examination 10hours over two days in T2 and T5.



  • Enrichment programme

    Tuesday Y11 Clay Club

    Wednesday Open Art Surgery - KS4 support for Art EDUQAS GCSE

    Wednesday KS3 Art Club

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    HOD Art:




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